Hangzhou Huangyu Culture Innovation Co.,Ltdformerly the electronic commerce department of Huanyu Group Huanyu Group’s first foray into E-commerce was in 2009. 2010 Electronic commerce department was formally found. We sell our brands-Hessie, & HoneyKids by E-business platform like Tbaobao, Tmall,Jingdong,Dang ect. By our steady effort, E-commerce develops fast. We began with a small team of 3person, and now we have more than 40 people.  Not only get through the various links group of own factory production, wholesale, retail and shipments, but also get through the e-commerce platform for sales and open the domestic market,. Increased brand’s reputation and market share, Promoted our products of Hessie & HoneyKids., Brought happiness to all the customers. So we won lots support and trust.

The participants are young people in E-commerce department, they are enthusiastic, cheerful, passionate, they brought not only the new energy, but also provide human resources to the company. Electronic commerce department is not alone, the whole company and factory are with him. With our effort, and the support and trust from all the customers, E-commerce department will be better and better.

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