Honnie kis

The meaning of the logo: Bees are the main image of our logo, it stands for the spirit of hard-working, teamwork, dedication, truth seeking and self-regulation. The whole logo shows the attitude of being positive. It encourages the new generation to pursue a “simple, open and free” life attitude. Analysis of liters: honnie comes from the homophonic of honey, and kis, express the meaning of spreading happy by friendly contact.


Labebe is another brand of Huanyu group. It mainly operates children’s furniture and wooden toys. Labebe aims at bringing children a colorful childhood. All the products pass the correlation detection. They are not only eco-friendly, but also safety. Among our products, the all kinds of rocking horse has been widely recognized by the markets as well as mothers.


Fuyang port

“Fuyang port”registered in 2009. With advanced corollary equipment and professional services, Fuyang Port "has become the industry's well-known trademarks. It wins the trust of more and more customers.



“pinlaohui” is a brand under the “fuyang port”, mainly operates coffee, candy, wine, juice, milk powder and other imported food by e-commerce. Each batch of goods in our stores has customs declaration, inspection and quarantine health permits. By delivering the goods directly form our warehouse designated by Taobao, we can ensure the pure quality of the imported products.p>


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