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Hangzhou Huanyu group Co.,Ltd was established in 1991,up to now,with more than twenty-two-year development and accumulation,we’ve been a export-oriented enterprise that take toy manufacture and international logistics service as two main part of our business,Its subsidiaries:Hangzhou Huanyu enterprise Co.,Ltd,Hangzhou Huanyu toy Co.,Ltd,Hangzhou culture innovation Co.,Ltd,Fuyang city import and export Co.,Ltd,Zhejiang Fuyang seaport international logistics Co.,Ltd and Hangzhou Huanyu international shipping Co.,Ltd.
The flight of twenty -two years,but the images are forever in that moment ,the passion turn into the faith.Twenty-two years,many men moved forward with Huanyu,hopefully,there’re also happy and unhappy;Twenty-two years,Huanyu move on the way with a number of people’s dream,Persistent and upcompromising.
The sun and the moon cycle,the stars in positions.Looking
back,there are so many history episodes shows up in our mind,which is ordinary and full of passion and all together to become a  period of Huanyu development history.
A period of Huanyu people struggle history,a period of modern enterprise system history that from establishment to improvement.
Looking forward to the future,that’s full of opportunities and challenges,we should take the achievement that we’ve made as the new starting point,facing the new goal ,we are full of confidence,cooperation and motivation.
The enterprise is always not forget the old friends,and very would like to meet new friends;going with company,only for grow up each other.there’s long way to go.But we’re sure that we can go for long and long.


The president of Huanyu group  Xu Linjun

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