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In 2010, Hangzhou foreign trade import and export company is one of the advantage of a hundred Enterprises.

In 2010, " honniekis " was rated as brand-name products in Zhejiang.

In 2010 Hangzhou export famous brand.

In 2011 the Senior sponsor of the China eighth Paralympic Games.

In 2011 one of the advantage import and export enterprises of a hundred Enterprises in Hangzhou.


Fuyang port

In 2003 July, Fuyang port in Hangzhou city was rated as the first batch of key enterprises in the development of modern logistics.

In 2003, Fuyang port Hangzhou was rated as AA grade credit enterprise.

In 2005 April, Fuyang port was named AA integrated logistics enterprise.

In 2005, Fuyang port was named the Hangzhou modern service industry development work advanced unit.

In 2006 March, the Fuyang port in Hangzhou city was rated as emerging (trade) catering services demonstration enterprise.

In 2006 April, Fuyang port pass ISO9001:2000 Wantai certification management system.

2006-2007, Fuyang port named as the development of modern logistics key enterprises in Zhejiang province.

In 2008, Fuyang port was rated as advanced modern logistics enterprises in Hangzhou City,

In 2008 November, Fuyang port was named the the AAA logistics enterprise of China Federation of logistics and purchasing.

In 2008 December, Fuyang port was named as the leading logistics enterprises of municipal road.

In 2010 December, the port logistics service was named Hangzhou service brand.

In 2011 September, the port logistics service was named Zhejiang service brand.

In 2010 May, Fuyang port pass ISO9001:2008 Wantai certification management system.


Huanyu enterprise

In 1999 December,Huanyu enterprise become one of the advantage earn foreign exchange through exports of private enterprises of a hundred Enterprises in Zhejiang.

In 1999 December, through the ISO9002 quality system certification.

In 2001 February, the advanced units of production safety two thousand of years.

In 2011, A class of enterprises of Industrial products exports classification management .

The class Customs Management enterprises of the people's Republic of China .

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