Zhejiang Fuyang Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang province Fuyang City Spring Street Village Democracy, holding parties for Hangzhou Huanyu Group Co., Ltd., the legal representative Xu is the Zhejiang provincial government of modern logistics to promote the work of key model enterprise.
Zhejiang Fuyang Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 March, built a warehouse more than 13000 square meters, of which the public bonded warehouse of 10000 square meters, the supervision warehouse more than 3000 square meters, with 30 container inspection platform, 7000 square meters of disinfection and fumigation area and more than 20000 square meters of container yard, and equipped with a clip, charter forklift, packing machines and other special equipment.Comprehensive customs building, 5100 square meters, of which the customs hall more than 1500 square meters, electronic loadometer monitoring facilities, information network platform, supporting all and customs inspection and Quarantine Bureau network system,it is realize the real significance of rapid clearance and one-stop service model.


Zhejiang Fuyang Port International Logistics Co., Ltd serve as an extending inland port of Shanghai port and Ningbo port has three functions: the first is that there have customs inspection and quarantine site office, bonded warehouse, provide one-stop service for import and export goods; the second is undertake shipping, air cargo import and export freight agency business for International transportation, mainly includes the delivery, booking, warehousing, transshipment, container devanning LCL, freight settlement, customs clearance, inspection, fumigation, disinfection of the insurance, the relevant short-distance transport services and transportation consulting business; the third is the business yarn, exports and imports of paper-making raw materials, starch, mechanical equipment, wine, food and other comprehensive import and export trade and agency business.
Zhejiang Fuyang Port International Logistics Co., Ltd operating in a good condition since the input that relying on the large area of client., trading varieties, business radiation wide, service excellent quality advantage. In 2012 imports of transit volume exceeded 200000 TEUs promoted directly the Northwest of Fuyang and Zhejiang economic development at the same time were highly appraised by the local government and enterprises.

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