Copy planning

Job description:
1, it is responsible for product intuitive, perceptual, attractive description (design style, fabric, details, ingredients, collocation, etc.), and raise the rate of transformation.
2, Participate in the company taobao shop sales promotion and brand packaging originality, paperwork, collaborative graphic designers complete the theme of the advertising posters with soft wen production.
3,The study object are plush toys, maternal and child supplies , analysis the customer demand, dig the products bright spot and selling points to engage in commodity specific content planning and editing, make commodity description achieve in diversification content and the brand.

Job requirements:
1, College degree or above, familiar with taobao shop operation flow, more than one year relevant working experience, familiar with the Internet marketer preferred.
2, Have good Chinese writing foundation of basic skills, have good copy editor, lard, organization, arrangement and writing ability.
3,Require has the keen market insight, unique Angle of view, novel, open creative thinking, vivid expression, ability to persuade, love copy and planning, creative passion.
4, To be engaged in taobao shop clerical work experience, advertising company paperwork is preferred.

Office director

1. Responsible for communicate higher resolutions, decisions and instructions, supervise and check the implementation situation.
2. Overall responsibility for the work of the office.
3. Assist general manager to handle daily affairs;
4. Responsible for the coordination between the section, company supervision and inspection of the work;
5. Assist the general manager to master the enterprise condition, provide information and advice to the general manager at fix period by the numbers.
6. Responsible for record the board of directors of the meeting , when it is necessary form the meeting minutes and issued;
7. Responsible for foreign guests in accordance with relevant provisions, do the reception work.
8. Responsible for the whole company fire alarm and internal security comprehensive management work.
9. Responsible for business in accordance with the provisions of the car to scheduling and management work; Participate in the vehicle repair point and provide the relevant basic information.
10. With large factory production enterprise work experience 3-5 years is preferred admission. div>

Network operation director

Job description:
1. Familiar with the various free activities of the application process and paid software operation from TAOBAO.
2, Have the abilities to optimize shop train drill show all kinds of data, by analysis the store data ta3, 3, By doing market research and background data analysis for product designers to provide new product design reference.

Job requirements:
1, Work earnest and conscientious get on quickly and be able to work independently.
2, With independent thinking, outstanding professional ability, good communication skills and innovation to have any spirit.
3, Have the strong team work spirit,be ready to accept the challenging work and complete the task timely and efficient.

Toy designer (wood)

Job requirements:
1, College degree or above wooden toy design or plane related design major, grasp wooden toy Structure design.
2, Skilled in wooden toy design process and the national toy quality security standard of the new regulations.
3, Proficient in operation design software.

Toy designer (wool)

Job requirements:
1, Above 3 years of plush toys design and open edition work experience.
2, Familiar with cloth toys process operation very much.
3, Understand each country plush toys security standards.
4, Skilled in operation design software.
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